Impact Temple

In October of 2013, Brandon and Heidi announced their call to begin planting a church in East Temple that reaches across socio-economic and cultural barriers. IMPACT TEMPLE is a non-denominational church family where all are welcomed, loved, and appreciated regardless of background, income, education, or race.
Jesus described his kingdom using a story of a great banquet. In the story there were two groups of people invited to the banquet. The first group had opportunities and options. This group declined the banquet invitation. The second group was located in the streets and alleys, along the roads and country lanes. They were poor, crippled, blind and lame. They accepted the invitation.
Impact Temple is a church plant aligning with God’s heart and the reality of his kingdom as seen in this story. They want those who are wealthy in the eyes of the world to prioritize the banquet and live simple lives that are not too busy for the kingdom. They want the banquet invitation extended to the poor, crippled, blind and lame. They want to remove barriers to the kingdom by planting a church that is accessible and reflects the diverse people God has placed in the East Temple community.
Bringing or serving a meal is a great way of showing God’s love for each other. At Impact, they believe that the strongest relationships and community are built through fellowship. Join them for Sunday Church at 306 E Adams Ave in Temple Texas, 11:00am for worship and a meal.

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Martin and Martina Gonzales

Martin and Martina Gonzales serve as missionaries to Mexico with Western Hills Church of Christ. Their approach is unique among missionaries. Much like the Apostle Paul they travel often, preaching the gospel of Christ, but without establishing a permanent residence in the area visited. Instead, they make short trips, planting the seed of the gospel, returning often as needed, calling on the community to host their visit, and training new followers to plant self-sufficient congregations. By taking responsibility for their churches, new Christians learn to be leaders, and develop a heart and mind for evangelism. Successful church plants have been made in the Yucatan peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo, and the state of Guanajuato in the central highlands of Mexico. Martin and Martina are both natives of Mexico, and always look forward to giving back to their place of birth. 

Walk In Love

Matthew and Kelly Erdman moved from Temple, Texas to Arusha, Tanzania in 2013. They originally went to work as the directors of an orphanage, however God had dramatically different plans for the direction of their ministry. The Erdmans are now the directors of Walk In Love, where their primary goal is to provide resources to the community to keep families together and prevent children from ever having to go into an orphanage setting. The mission of Walk In Love is to partner with, support, and strengthen at-risk families. Currently they are running the first daycare facility in the Arusha area to be available to the working-class community. This resource allows single mothers, families in severe poverty, and families of children who would otherwise be placed in orphanages, to work during the day while their young children are cared for in a safe environment. By providing this childcare, they are seeing the families of these children thrive. They believe that strong families will produce strong communities, which is the ultimate goal of aid to developing nations. This form of family-based care is at the forefront of the movement away from the orphanage model of care that has been the only option for parents in developing countries. The Erdmans are excited to be offering a new solution to the complicate problem of poverty and the treatment of vulnerable children in Tanzania. The Erdman’s have two daughters, Camille (age 9) and Tabitha (age 7), who they homeschool. 

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